Saturday, 16 February 2008

Speedpainting In Blue

Although I started this blog as a way to motivate me into bumping up my drawing/sketching output, I still consider the act of 'speedpainting' to be a form of sketching. The only difference being that it (usually) involves colour. Both sketching and speedpainting are, to me, all about capturing something within a short amount of time - be it a feeling, an idea, a pictoral diary entry of certain events or notions that happen to be swimming around my brain during a particular day.

In this case it was the fact that it is very cold outside today. And even though the sun is shinning, I could still feel the chill on my exposed face. The sensation was not all together unpleasant, but I started to feel cheated becouse of all the drab gray concrete around me. If I am going to feel cold, then why not go to extremes and get some of those wonderful arctic blues.

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Xumca said...

Ice is something interesting for me. In a way, it is heartbreakingly beautiful, in another, it is a completely abstract concept.

Let me explain:
Having lived in California all my life, I have only seen snow about 3 or four times in real life. The bulk of my knowledge of this sort of climate is from pictures, TV, and the like. So not only is the ice sharply beautiful and almost fanciful (because to me, icy places are elevated to nearly the point of fiction), but also a touch... dangerous I guess. I consider 60 degrees (Farenheit, sorry ;-) ) to be shiveringly cold; for someplace to be so cold as to freeze is unimaginably astonishing to my instincts, though I know rationally that it occurs.