Thursday, 14 February 2008

Devilish Behaviour

I was in a devilish mood at work today, which may account for the (rather generic) demon head. Still, it was fun to hear people commenting on a co-workers new screen saver - which I changed from his usual bikini-clad 'ladies' to a picture of David Beckham sporting a pair of skimpy briefs. O_O


Xumca said...

There is something very refreshing about "unfinished" sketches. I really savored seeing the intense, detailed wrinkles fade imperceptibly into the mysterious, potential-filled pencil lines of the body and horns.

Munin said...

I am pleased you can enjoy a 'sketch' book for what it is, or should be. I tend to finish drawings I do when out of the house with my pocket book, but my house-bound sketch books tend to be a dumping area for all my ideas and tid-bits of thaught.