Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bladerunner: The Inevitable Post!

Lack of recent posts has been due to my horrible ability of attracting mountainous workloads by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the wrong sort of mentality! Never the less, I found myself waking up this morning with the destinct feeling that the day was all mine - to fritter away as I pleased - with a stiff two finger salute to anyone (even loved ones) who may try to incur on my self-indulgence! I spent my day, wisely I might add, watching Ridley Scott's Bladerunner (again) and finished off the afternoon with a few speedpaints and a long soak in the bath.

Anyway, here's a few speedies from my latest Bladerunner session. 'Twas inevitable that I turn to this film at some point in this sketch-blog.

Friday, 4 July 2008


I don't really like to post half finished... sorry, I mean half filled sketchbook pages, but I have had a rather busy few days and this is all I've managed to fit in. Usually I would forego a post altogether, but in this case I realised that this sketchbook page is one of the rare instances when I don't actually fill - or at least feel done with - a particular sheet in one sitting.

You can see evidence of mish-mash I obviously have going on the right and, to be honest, I decided to drop the putty rubber on the faint forms and throw something else down. Now I think I'll just make do with the scratches that are already present and finish off tomorrow. Maybe this way you readers can see a little bit of my messed up process.

The one good thing about posting this half filled page is that the sketch of the woman stands out a little more. This is (personally) good for a number of reasons...

Firstly, she only played small bit parts in 4 films (to my knowledge) which is a terrible shame becouse her dusky facial expressions are so damn good (I think she would have been typecast a little more if it wasn't for the fact that a certain Sophia Loren wasn't dominating the scene at the time).

Secondly, I think I might just be able to look on this sketch with objective eyes (a very hard thing to do) and honestly say I am pleased with the outcome (apart from the strange inclusion of foreshortened shoulders).