Wednesday, 20 February 2008


After two days of somewhat dismissive efforts, I seem to have found my sketching spirit again. I probably should have stopped scratching at this long before I actually did, but I was enjoying myself too much to put the pencil down.


Xumca said...

The left bird keeps capturing my eye for some reason. Is it the position on the page, or its pose? My eye tends to gravitate toward drawn things that cannot hold the position they're drawn in (e.g. a person whirling in a dance or walking down stairs, with one leg too far forward to keep his balance if he were to stay). I wonder if this is something similar.

Munin said...

It's probably becouse of a number of no-no's on my part. The comosition of the drawing is ill thaught out and the placement of that particular bird (see overworking comments) is very wrong. The pose is a little awkward to read so it doesn't really seem to be occupying any space. Usually there should always be an odd number of 'figures' in a picture becouse our brains tend to prefer things that way. Oh, and I also picked up the wrong pencil and drew them in too dark. It all adds up to a bit of a mess. :-)