Saturday, 9 February 2013

Snow Shots

The recent photo-dump of a local church I posted a few entries back was meant to be a one off, but as most of my digital plein-air output for St. Peter's, which was on a USb stick, has been lost to the outer plane of small household objects; I have, in turn, lost the context that the photographs were meant to represent. So I figure why not post some more photos. I don't really have much to lose at this point.

 Note: The last photo was previously the subject of a little DS painting I did last Autumn. It's rather interesting to revisit the same subject under different conditions - and in this case, different formats. See here for the post that contains my original exploration of the subject.

 As previously, I can only state I have little interest in photography beyond just recording sights to add to my reference folders.

Great Escarpment

Okay, yet another change of plan. No St. Peter's post as I had hoped, thanks to my USB stick suddenly getting lost to the wind. I usually brush most things off, but I find myself actually rather annoyed about this. I've lost a slightly larger slice of work in the past, but for some reason this one actually hurts. It would seem you can never have too many backup folders on the go. :(