Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sperm Whales vs Mobile Phones

I hate my mobile phone - I really do. I hate all mobile phones. I hated the fact I was considered socially impotent when I didn't have one and all my friends and family did. I hate how, now I do have one, my friends seem to think I suddenly need random (but annoyingly constant) updates on their daily life... "I've just had a mushroom omelette and now I'm sitting down to watch a documentary on sperm whales!" Oh really. Well I've just been trying to use my free time more constructively, but now (thanks to your unnecessary update) I find myself in the shed with a hammer and several rusty nails.

Sperm whales, indeed!

I hate mobile phones becouse my friend and I could have had a nice conversation about sperm whales this evening - over a few beers. He could have introduced the topic during the course of the conversation and everything would have been nice and pleasant. I would have come home knowing some very interesting facts about the beasts. But no... I already know too much about his week - and many others who seem to be on my "contacts" list.

Gone are the days of catching up over a few beers at the weekend. I don't need to know about the funny incidents at work... You already told me! I don't need to see what state your kitchen was in when the kids went wild... I got's da picture! I don't need to know about how your lawn mower burst into flames... You sent me a freakin' video! And I certainly don't want to hear any more about bloody sperm whales. I used to love their shape and how they attracted barnicles, but now I don't give a hoot about them. I hate my mobile phone - and I hate sperm whales!

So, in the spirit of retaliation, here's a beautiful image of a whale shark. It's not even a bloody mammal, you fool. This'll teach you to spam text to me about filthy whales!

Note: For those that may scream about the lack of a "sketch" - or even a speedpaint in this blog update, I will point out that I did happen to cover my own back (see blog sub-title regarding "odd random thaught"). I do, however, have sketches to post now that my overtime frenzy is at an end. I shall commence scanning operations tomorrow.


Xumca said...

Ack, cell phones. I feel your pain. I am just now being prodded into getting one.

For me, too, it is the amount of overconnectedness that scares me away the most.

Shibaal said...

LMAO! Well said, I too dislike the incessent panderings that the new smart phones compell people to post...