Thursday, 12 June 2008


Here's the product of a tired mind at work a few days ago. I spent the whole day making the odd mark here and there when I had a few minutes. A very soppy mess, but worth posting as a note to self: You shouldn't have bothered!

At least it was the start of a (hopefully) more constructive period. I have managd to fill a few more pages in my sketchbook, so I will be parceling them out in an attempt to keep ahead and so, have more regular updates after the dry spell of late.


Xumca said...

I wish that writers, for their part, would come up with races as inventive as artists do.

Seriously, think about it. Most fantasy nowadays only adds the barest of modification to the stock elves, dwarves, and orcs. Yet to think that sketching you term a "soppy mess" has more creativity in it than that... is amusing. Perhaps only to myself. ;)

Munin said...

I think it must be very hard for writers to come up with ways to convey fantastical creatures and characters without falling back on recognisable human qualities.