Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ink Scratch

I've been enjoying a relapse in interests lately and have gone back to watching certain Anime films and reading certain Manga volumes I originally devoured (many times over) some years back. It's a style of design and illustration that is both infuriating (see main stream crap) and exhilarating (localised gems) but, unfortunately not in equal measures.

I've been meaning to play with the concept of a continuous setting for quite a while now, and was originally going to pursue this idea via a series of speedpaints and sketches, but my recent downtime activities have made me pause over the notion of the comicbook format – something rather alien to my way of working. I decided to try my hand at world creation using a comic book blueprint. Well, not so much “world creation” as... err... pocket environment?

Whatever comes of this new venture (sketches, speedpaints etc...) will be posted here along with my usual scribbles. The working title of the project is "Garra Ruffa", so make what you will from that.


Xumca said...

It's hard to convey emotion properly in textual form, so take the following as genuine, no, not a strong enough word. Childlike excitement: THIS IS SO COOL!

Munin said...

Oh, “childlike excitement”. What a wonderful turn of phrase. Particularly as I have grown to dislike the word “genuine” as the meaning of the word seems to have been misplaced. Having said that, I “genuinely” feel pleased that you find my current project so... likable? All I can say is yet again, the way you use words makes me smile. :)