Sunday, 5 April 2009

Comfort Zones Excluded

Another double page of environment doodles (see previous post). I really need to work on my quick figurative drawing as this post clearly shows. To be honest, I don't think I am actually as bad at quick figurative sketches as this sketchbook page would have you believe. Yes, I am rather horrible at it in general (something I have been working on by using the 30 second timer feature over at Pose Maniacs) but this new ink medium is unforgiving when it comes to human poses done on the fly and certainly hilights my shortcomings in this department. There's nothing like the panic factor to bring you down to earth and point out your weaknesses.

I like this new medium. :)


Xumca said...

I second that last sentence.

nana said...

You say that ink is unforgiving for figurative work, but isn't it equally unforgiving for environmental work? Or maybe you're more comfortable with environments? What kind of a pen do you use?

I've been using a ballpoint pen for most of my sketchbook stuff because it feels a bit like a pencil, but I do love the look of ink studies since, as you say, the medium is rather unforgiving. :)

Munin said...

Nana: The human eye is far less forgiving when it comes to anomalies concerning the human figure, so I tend to find drawing environments in ink a little easier on the nerves. I'm certainly working on my skills though. :)