Monday, 16 March 2009

Productivity Report

Around October time, last year, I started using an old inverted CD spool cover as a temporary bin, at hand on my desktop, for my pencil shavings. It seemed like a more practical solution to the problem of keeping shavings off the floor than dragging my paper bin into the middle of the room each time I sat down to scribble.

At the beginning of the this year I decided to start collecting the shavings, rather than discard them at the end of a sketching session, as a fun way of charting my scribbling productivity. A more rational person might argue that the filling of sketchbook pages would be the only productivity gauge required, but my personal requirement for self amusement couldn't help but add a little status chart to the side of the spool cover, and for the past few months it has been a fond addition to my desktop.

This evening, after an enjoyable scribble (see previous post), I was rather delighted to see that I had reached a new stage of my slightly juvenile productivity graph, so I decided to take a picture as a way of sharing the moment. The perspective is a little too high to gauge correctly in the photo, but with the pencil shavings smoothed out I am right on the “showing promise” level. Hopefully I will be within reach of a peanut by the end of summer. :)


Xumca said...

I anticipate some interesting hazards once you get past about, oh, the Sausage level. Good thing those containers have wide bases -- would be a double shame to tip that thing over and simultaneously lose all your progress and besmirch your desk with shavings.

Although I am heartened to remember that some people still use normal pencils. I sometimes forget that I'm not the only one when I'm surrounded by the technical whip-out-those-mechanical-pencils type.

Zeitwolf said...

what a nice idea! (I mostly use a mechanical pencil, so no wasteful woodshavings at my side, otherwise I'd steal that)

I love your art - don't mind me watching you :)