Saturday, 14 March 2009

Frozen Lake

The weather is starting to warm up and the sun is showing it's face more often, so I had better get a few more wintery paintings done while the memories are sill fresh.


Xumca said...

Double take.

I literally did not realize that wasn't a photograph at first glance. The ice is marvelous -- it looks like just the kind that trips up the poor folks from California when we experience Colorado winters for the first time.

And don't realize that the snow isn't the walking hazard... it's the melty ice the day after.

Munin said...

Thank you. I have an old friend who lives in California and is full of wit and wisdom - and stories of the old days. He has spoke often of harsh winters when he was a kid but, despite the wonderful prose of his stories, I think I am still burdened with the stereotypical vision of California as an eternally sun-kissed vista.

Seraph Trend said...

It is so pleasing to internalize the beauty in your speed paintings. This one here is absolutely amazing. I long to see ice on the surface of lakes and other bodies of water. How odd we are, humans. we always long for things unknown and wish to embrace things of others. I always enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for the inspiration.