Saturday, 22 November 2008


I booted up Final Fantasy VII (again) last week as I was feeling rather ill, and needed a familiar comfort zone to take my mind off the amorphous mass of thick, heavy snot that seemed to be in a constant state of mutation inside my head. It's rather amusing to look back on the times in my life when I thaught I had the flu. Now that I have actually had a good solid dose of the real mccoy (including the inability to walk properly for a few days) I see the error in my judgement. The distinction between a bad cold and a case of flu couldn't be clearer.

Cold = poor mans influenza

Anyway, playing FFVII again gave me the incentive to do a spot of fan art - complete with bad shoulderpad placement to throw the anatomy way off. Hey, I was ill damnit!

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Xumca said...

Yech, the flu is nasty -- I think I've had the full-blown version only once in my life, and it was definitely different from a cold!

On a side note, I wonder if having the flu has an effect on your color use, which is more generous than usual. Perhaps everything looks drabber when you are sick, hm? I like it, by the way.