Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Reclaimed Roost


Xumca said...

Took me a moment to notice the crows... but I figured with a title like that, in Munin's blog, they had to be there somewhere... ;)

Munin said...


They are penguins. Look at the second one in from the left on the roof top! :D

Seriously though, bad rendering of negative space to define something that the left side of the brain will naturally interpret accordingly.

I was playing on the symbolistic nature of the viewers brain here. I apologise. A cheap trick used by speedpainters on the go. Look again and you will see there is actually only 1 "splodge" that could be called a crow, and he/she isn't even on the roof!

Xumca said...

Haha! I thought something looked odd about the wings! ;P