Friday, 4 July 2008


I don't really like to post half finished... sorry, I mean half filled sketchbook pages, but I have had a rather busy few days and this is all I've managed to fit in. Usually I would forego a post altogether, but in this case I realised that this sketchbook page is one of the rare instances when I don't actually fill - or at least feel done with - a particular sheet in one sitting.

You can see evidence of mish-mash I obviously have going on the right and, to be honest, I decided to drop the putty rubber on the faint forms and throw something else down. Now I think I'll just make do with the scratches that are already present and finish off tomorrow. Maybe this way you readers can see a little bit of my messed up process.

The one good thing about posting this half filled page is that the sketch of the woman stands out a little more. This is (personally) good for a number of reasons...

Firstly, she only played small bit parts in 4 films (to my knowledge) which is a terrible shame becouse her dusky facial expressions are so damn good (I think she would have been typecast a little more if it wasn't for the fact that a certain Sophia Loren wasn't dominating the scene at the time).

Secondly, I think I might just be able to look on this sketch with objective eyes (a very hard thing to do) and honestly say I am pleased with the outcome (apart from the strange inclusion of foreshortened shoulders).

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Xumca said...

You do have a point about "fourthly". ;D I think when one really stops to look at them, many short words look rather odd.

And I agree that this portrait is particularly good. The eyes especially turned out nicely proportioned and spaced (there goes my overly technical brain ruining the magic again, haha).