Saturday, 23 June 2018

Still Life Exercises IV


Ileana D'cruz said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Munin! Long time fan here o/
nice to see you're still around.. do you still use your nDS? how is it's touch screen looking after all those years?
also, are you on DevianArt?

Nice art pieces BTW


Munin said...

Hello Unknown,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I still use my old DS. I recently grabbed a second hand one for no other reason than the brass connector slot strips were becoming a huge problem. The touch screen was somewhat unresponsive in certain areas, but I actually enjoyed using those to my advantage. I'm sure it sounds a little odd, but spending so much time with a single device; I got to grow with it and naturally adapt to the slow disintegration. No, I don't have a Deviantart account, but I will need something different soon for a project I'm playing with.

Posting for next year is looking a lot healthier. New scanner, almost done sketchbooks, series of speedpaints I wanted to post as a whole. Hope you check in from time to time.


Unknown said...

Nice! I'll look forward to it! :D