Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fault Line:Chile

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a photo of a volcano, and was very taken by the colours on offer in the image. I did a quick study of it with my ageing DS. It was a fun little exercise, but then I decided to look up the volcano via Google Earth. When you put a tick in the volcano box, in Google Earth, you get a very quick and easy visual cue of where those saucy tectonic plates are acting up the most.

From my random encounter with Irruputuncu - the initial volcano I happened to stumble upon - I decided to follow the fault line down the boarder between Chile and Bolivia, and continue doing quick speedpaints of the consecutive volcanoes in order. Nothing more than a amusing little task to chip away at in my spare time.

Now, the boarder between Chile and Bolivia is not that substantial, both in terms of mileage and volcano activity, so it wouldn't take much more effort on my part to see this little whim through. However, once you hit the boarder with Argentina, the stakes suddenly become markedly higher. We are talking hundreds of volcanoes that slowly slink their way down to that oldschool mariners nightmare that is Cape Horn.

Even I could finish up the Chile/Bolivia boarder volcanoes with a spit of gumption. A fun little challenge completed. But what if I crossed the line and started on the Argentina boarder volcanoes? Well, if I'm honest with myself, I will never know. :)


 Olca Paruma

 San Pedro

 San Pedro II

 San Pablo



Jo Castillo said...

What an interesting project. We lived in Bolivia and in Chile. These are great paintings/sketches. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing and the story.

Munin said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jo. I am most envious that you have lived in Bolivia and Chile.