Saturday, 31 December 2016

Barmouth VS Newborough

Final post for the year. I've started to pick up the pace a little, so hopefully that trend will continue into 2017. Happy New Year to anyone who still pokes their head in here from time to time. I hope it proves to be a productive one. :)


Zeitwolf said...

* pokes head in here *
* refuels some good vibes *

Happy New Year to you, too :)
I look forward to your new paintings!

* heads out again *

Munin said...

Haha, nice of you to stop by, Zeitwolf. Hope you have a great 2017

FRANK said...

NICE said...

You have steched the cities namely Barmouth and Newborough in amazing way. Its looking like the stetches are speaking. They are very lively. Good job mate

Munin said...

Much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.