Saturday, 7 May 2016

Rock Scratch


Zeitwolf said...

Hey Munin, glad you're posting again!! Love your stuff!
I have an rss reader, so I didn't miss out on your new posts, but blogspot is super inconvenient to post to and read. Do you upload your pictures anywhere else, too? (meaning social media)

Munin said...

Yay... So good to see the name Zeitwolf pop up. Hope you're doing well. As to your question, I don't really know where or what to look towards regarding current social media outlets. I have a Twitter account, but I only started one to follow the Patlabor team (I know, I know... sad bastid). I will never do Facebook (just a given), I see signs that Tumblr is a hotbead for vacuous social and political drivel, and Pinterest is... well, I don't know. Any suggestions?

I feel like I might start posting my little sketches and doodles on Twitter, but I just don't know.

Just playing catchup right now and wanting to check in on all the blogs.