Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Imaginary Landscape

Switching from real landscape to imaginary concoctions - while still trying to maintain a grounded sense of realism - after so much time spent with real world observations, is something I thought would be much easier now. But it turns out to be much harder. Something inside me tells me that is a very good and positive thing (maybe my time exploring landscape has actually taught me a thing or two), yet the frustration is still fresh so I cannot comment objectively right now.


Cristina Urdiales said...

I guess we visitors don't comment so much these times, but from time to time I just like to repeat that everything you post here is absolutely awesome!

Munin said...

Thank you very much for the encouragement, Cristina. I don't mind the silent visitors... they're a good crowd and don't leave any mess. :)

nockieboy said...

Well I came here because I love what you do in Didlr and part of me expected an order-of-magnitude improvement in the quality of your art from the basic tools provided by Didlr.

I wasn't disappointed. Amazing work Munin. Just amazing.

Munin said...

Hi Nockieboy, nice of you to stop by. Yes, Didlr can be a little frustrating at times, but I enjoy the challenge. It forces me to find creative ways around the palette limitations. Fun stuff.

Thanks for the encouraging words. You are too kind. :)