Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reference Dump Snapshots (St. Peter's Starter Course)

Let's be clear about one thing here: I am not a photographer, in the true sense of the word.

I take a few pictures here and there - mostly as wine for my reference cellar - which translates as sporadic snapshots taken on a simplistic pocket camera to capture whatever draws my attention, so I can later dump them in a growing web of folders, and sub folders, that were initially created as an aid, but now seem to be more of a pot-luck cesspit of forgotten ideas and nuances I once (for a brief moment) had interesting ideas about.

I lack all but the most basic photographic equipment, and even with a basic camera in my hands, I don't really have the urge or protracted interest to work out what all the different settings do. I just want to take a few pictures and be done with it. Sometimes I do try to at least maneuver myself into a spot that makes for a good composition but, to be honest, I'm usually just gunning for a shot that captures best what I found interesting.

If there's any discomfort involved, I'm shifting foot... screw composition!

Still, I have a very deep respect for photographers - both amature and professional - and the only reason I am posting this little batch is to try and set the mood for the next few posts, because they will be completely about a certain local church. Or, to put it another way: Here's a quick photographic montage of a very memorable day I had back in early December, of last year, that started with the simple idea of visiting a singular setting, and exploring it in as many ways as I could.

Anyway, the end result was a wonderful half day of sketch-bookery (?), Nintendo DS Shenanigans, Photoshop tomfoolery, a bunch of quick-fire snap-ograph-oonery, and a bunch of personal little notes I wrote in a journal I was asked to start writing because it was that special (human pattern seeking) calendar day: 12,12,12!

Oh, and check the hoar frost: That's what all this is actually about.


Pauline said...

Tweeted this post. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Munin said...

Thanks, Pauline. You're too kind.