Sunday, 14 October 2012


A quick homage to my failing DSl that has been a constant companion for over four years now. I've amassed well over 400 saved sketches and paintings, which have mostly be plein-air landscape studies, and have probably discarded/painted over a good 100 or so more scratchings. Not bad value for money, all in all.

Here's hoping I can break the 500 mark before the whole thing packs up. I have a feeling the only thing keeping it going is all the bits of bark, moss, and rabbit dung buried within the case. -_-


Nasan Hardcastle said...

Wow! That's quite the accomplishment! Here's hoping you reach your 500 painting goal!

Ps. How do you plan to immortalize your DS when it finally calls it quits? -will you mount it on a plaque in your studio, or does such sentimental things not interest you as much.

Simon said...

RIP to your DS man! said...

Well time to move on , you know about new Colors developments and that future hints towards more pressure sensitive tablets..
I scratched my DS screen so much it is almost unusable.. But the time I spent on it, learning to digital paint, just makes me nostalgicly happy...
Hope you will get something new, to continue to surprise us at the colors! gallery :)

Munin said...

Cheers, guys.

@Nasan: Haha... I'm not really sentimental, but I thought I could construct a little funeral pyre in the garden and dance around it naked with improvised acrylic warpaint on my face, and holding my stylus aloft. Not sure how the neighbours would react to that though! -_-

@Simon: Hey, it's not dead yet. Although it does has the look of a flogged dead horse. :)

@Madwormz: I'm looking at the Windows Surface tablet. Jens said the pressure sensitivity on an early proto was decent, but he wants to see what it's like on the final model. I'm also looking at the Nexus 7. Partially because Jens tells me some have got Colors! running on it, and partially because it references Blade Runner! :)

Good to know your DS has been a big help to your learning curve. Me too. It was possibly the biggest influence for me getting back into art.

Anonymous said...

wow, your drawings are amazing! keep it up!