Monday, 6 August 2012

Of The Sea


Timeship said...


chenxiii said...

Munin! I haven't checked your blog in a while and you got some fantastic stuff going on. I just read your review for 3DS Colors too just to get an idea of how it is (I'm on iphone though so the exciting news doesn't apply to me), it seems as though to me the ability to "trace" drawings in the new version (correct me if I'm wrong) is bringing a lot of traced artworks into the gallery which makes me sad... I miss artists like you who bring genuinely inspired artwork. Ah, I haven't used Colors in a long while too.

Anyway I'm rambling. :) keep up your great artworks!

Munin said...

Cheers, guys. @Chenxiii: Yes, the the release of the 3DS has certainly had an effect on the gallery. The way I see it, if kids are tracing video game characters, at least they are doing something slightly creative. If even a few of them find their way to exploring their own artistic abilities somewhere down the line; then it will be worth it. Stick to the iPhone for now. Windows 8 version is the next one for me.