Monday, 21 May 2012

Coastal Study

A few more of these to post, along with some sketches and DS work done in Wales, but here's the first. Refined later from plein-air.


Flo said...

another great digital plein air! keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hey Munin Raven, this is Vulgar` from

I don't know if you remember me from back in the day on, back when chaosrocks was hosting the EOWs. About a year and a half ago I saw that chaosrocks was having trouble finding time to host them since there was a long drought between activities and people were starting to think it was a lost cause. I decided to take up the mantle and the EOW has been going strong now! We're almost to EOW #200 and I also managed to FINALLY get everyone winner's icons next to their name.

Just a head's up: it's back and stronger than ever. Take care.


Munin said...

Thanks, Flo. :)

Hi Vulgar, nice to see you have taken on the EoW challenge. I must make a point of doing a few.