Saturday, 3 September 2011



Pauline said...

This is superb, Munin.

Vorspier said...

there is some great draftsmanship in this. you've got a good hand at painting. great job!

Anonymous said...

You're the artist I always wanted to be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Munin!
as a long time fan i always liked your paintings.
when a I looked at the painting in this page: the first thing i saw was your signature at the bottom right.

Munin i have to ask: are you beta-testing colors 3D?

Love your paintings!

Crystal Cook said...

Wow. This is absolutely incredible. I was searching for dragon sketches and stumbled across your blog to find this gorgeous portrait. It is so moody and evocative. I absolutely love it. :))))

Munin said...

Thanks, folks. I appreciate the encouragement.

@Anonymous: Yes. I've been testing the new 3DS version of Colors! and offering my input. One of the reasons I haven't been updating that much lately. Cheers.

@Crystal Cook: Thanks. Sorry, but there's only a few old dodgy sketches of dragons. It's about time I revisited them. :)

Oliver Flores said...

Wonderful work!