Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mecha Shapes

These Gundam models are great for practicing putting down shapes correctly in relation to one another. At least, that was the excuse I came up with to paint mecha instead of doing anatomy studies! -_-


McQueen said...

This is very nice. and great tip!
Munin, can you help me figure out how I can improve my landscape painting, please?

Munin said...

I couldn't get the deviantart pic' to load at forst so I commented on your blog landscapes. I've now been able to view the ice mountain one and it's a big improvement on the other two in my opinion. Keep it up. :)

McQueen said...

Yes, I do get wrapped up with the custom brushes, I will definitely follow your advice and will do more landscape with 50% zoom and a round brush at first to help improve my work.
Thank you Munun! I just think your landscape work is what what it should be, like a measuring meter. It's very impressive.

I'll follow up soon. Thank you again Munin! I appreciate it the kind words.

~ McQueen