Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Apprehensive Knight

I've been running my system on half memory, after one of my mem ram "thingies" bought the dust. it is almost impossible for me to paint using Corel Painter (my personal fav') so this was done in PS... including a little lag towards the end. It's a fairly quick (under 2 hours) experiment in trying to render steel armour in a dirty-scribble way. I also experimented (failed?) with an odd balance within the frame: All that light crammend into the left side together with the unconventional figure direction. It soooo leans towards the left when the right side offers much more room. Haha... it's fun to try things out, though.


Seraph Trend said...

Amazing work lately! I enjoy looking at the work you do on a weekly basis. This one "apprehensive Knight", is very nice. i like the armor detail and the facial expression. I wonder what he is looking at and what he is thinking? The image pulsates, very nice.

Chenxi said...

Wow I saw this pic and thought "this can't be a painting". For 2 hours that's some REALLY impressive details you captured. The armourrrrr it's so shiny I want to touch it!

Munin said...

Thanks, guys. I hope to be posting more regularly for at least a few months.

The Crow said...

I remember this knight: one of the few at Agincourt, there to protect the vulnerable archers.
You have captured him in uncanny detail.
His expression was typical of everyone there, once they saw how huge the French Army was.
King Henry looked unimpressed, but he too was anxious.
Saint Crispin's Day.
October 25th. 1415.

Many crows were there that day.
We will never forget.

Angel Patricia said...

So Amazing. Thanks for sharing.