Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Page One (...plus inner cover)

Of all the little pleasures I regularly enjoy in my life – like the feeling a fresh cool pillow on my cheek or the sound of unboiled rice being poured into a saucepan from a greater height than would seem necessary – the act of starting a new sketchbook is possibly one of the best. The only other “little pleasure” I can think of, off hand, that tops the feeling of putting down the first few scribbles in a brand new sketchbook, is the actual filling of said book.

My new pocket sketchbook has now been soiled. Let the good times roll on. :)


Shazia said...

ooo, these pages look gorgeous! X3
And its awesome that you draw on the inner page and first one, I know a lot of people that don't do this, including myself XD;

Munin said...

Thank you. I do like to get the most out of my pocket books. :)