Monday, 23 February 2009

Tomb Render

I'm not the biggest Tomb Raider fan but having received the latest game, Underworld, for Christmas, I booted it up and found myself once again enjoying the exploration aspects of the game - as I did with the first few games many years ago. So, as with most things I find an interest in, I decided to channel my emotions into something a little more creative.

This painting started out as any other speedpaint, but while I was perusing a Tomb Raider forum, I stumbled upon a thread filled with photos of real hardcore fans in Tomb raider costumes. I thought some of them made great reference poses so I asked one member if I could use her photo for the above painting. It's probably as close to a finished piece (without actually being final) as I get so I guess it falls under the category of a speed-plus-paint.


Xumca said...

Ferny forests, yes!

Plant-obsessed eccentric, me!

Munin said...

Haha... Yes ferns are nice, but given a choice, I'll take cactus plants every time. :)