Saturday, 20 December 2008

Colour Choices

One of a few speedpaints I did to try and pin the background composition and colour for the cover of my ongoing .pdf Dragonlance project. My usual love for muted browns are there but I played around a little and added touches of cool purple and warmer, slightly more saturated pinks. A subtle change, but one that marks the begining of my growing fondness of exploring complimentary (but very subtle) colours that absolutely do not appear in the reference photo.
I intend to add a figure on the crevice to the left fighting off an airborne creature to the right before I start refining, but looking at the speedie now, I have distinctly different feelings about the image than I had when I started. Even subtle colour changes seem to be exasperatingly devastating (in a positive way) to my initial subconcious reactions to the picture. Hmm...

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beach said...

wow! u r a great painter!