Friday, 24 October 2008

A Stiff Westerly Breeze!

Autumn is most certainly here and, although many people openly comment on (may even genuinly enjoy) the gorgeous red and gold hues that are on show, I have rarely come across someone who enjoys a good old dose of chill wind 'givin' it stacks' about the place. Many women (from my personal observations) seem to view wind (even a mild breeze) as something almost daemonic. Anything that messes with the hair is inherently evil. Maybe that's why they seem to be so easily offended by the humble fart.
It is a well known fact that every man is born with an intuitive appreciation of the fart - from the most serious executive 'suit' down to the average schoolboy renegade. The study of male chromosome structures within DNA have confirmed what we all knew was true from the first time a fart was 'delt' during a gathering of peoples - probably in a confined space like a cave. Let's face it, farts are good... and chill winds that blast the smell of rotten leaves into your face (no puns here) are almost as good!
All this has little to do with the above sketchbook page (as you already know if you were bored enough to read the sketch-scrawl) so I'll stop right here.


Xumca said...

I don't mind the wind so long as I don't underestimate its freezing power before venturing outdoors for a nice, pleasant NUMBINGLY COLD walk.

Shibaal said...

The 'humble fart' you say? Hmm, I dunno, there are a far few stories I could tell that'll change your mind about humility of releasing gaseous entities!