Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dragon Shapes

I recently baught a batch of old Dragonlance novels and started reading them last night. I thaught it would be fun to do some sketches of characters and scenes as I read, but for now here's some quick dragon shapes I did during lunch to get me in the mood.


Xumca said...

I find it amusing that the dragon on the left has that wonderful pensive look that immediately draws the viewer's attention, and then you look over to the right, and in that context the dragon looks like it's moving around and preening, trying not to be upstaged.

"Look at me! Hey! I'm way more awesome than old grouchy-tush!! What are you doing? Come back." *pouts*

Munin said...

Haha... I never noticed that I drew the eyes of the dragon on the left so as to be looking at the viewer. Attention seeking indeed. :D