Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Current topic for a daily sketch group: Creature • Hunched, Barrel-chested, Extra-limbed, Teeth-gnashing Abomination.


Xumca said...

I am noticing a theme. Merely for the sake of throwing your interesting analyses back at you, I will proceed to interpret these plentiful monsters as some sort of expressions of your desire to be like them, and therefore isolated from the busyness of the human life... ;) Haha. Fear my hokie psychobabble.

Munin said...

Haha... There's always that wonderful element of escapism that happens when drawing little beasties - more so than rendering an apple and such. It was very easy to feel horrid and vile when scribbling this bad boy becouse I was so frustrated with work, so yes... sometimes I am what I draw, although I sware I do not have man boobs! :)