Monday, 19 May 2008

Scribble +3 (with added folds)

There's something wonderful about the shapes different clothing materials make when thrown over a body. With all those creases and folds catching the light in interesting ways, I can see why fashion designers agonise over material, layers and texture. I found a selection of old WWII photos online, and the stark, high contrast black & white photography really gives the uniforms and stiff heavy overcoats some punch. I still prefer the look of my pillow after a good nights sleep though. 'Tis personally more satisfying to see the product of a sainty slumber than that of practical 20th century warfare.


Xumca said...

Folds fascinate me as well. They also frustrate any attempt I make to actually draw them, probably because they produce a strong "symbolic" image in my brain that trumps any observational cues.

Munin said...

Symbolism derives from the left side of the brain, and can be counter intuative (as ironic as it may sound) to any thaught process. You have to think outside the box - the box being your systematic data/symbol collector - the left side of your brain.

There's a book by Betty Edwards called "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". It's a bloody good start!

That being said, you should never disregard your brain "trumps". they can be very useful if you learn to play.