Monday, 28 April 2008

Rusty (Read: Beautiful) Old Things

One of the places I like to go to sketch, or to just sit and chill, is a hill not far from my house. There's a footpath halfway up one side with a rusty chain link fence running alongside it. I've sketched the fence in the past, but it was fun to have another go at it with my DS.

While I was scribbling away, an old woman passed by with her dog and asked my why on earth I would want to paint a rusty old fence. I told her I wasn't painting the fence, but rather doing a painting of the fence. I thaught I was being amusing as a way of breaking the ice, but she just pulled a funny face and continued on her way.

When she had gone some distance up the path it occurred to me that the lines at the sides of her mouth were rather beautiful, but I am certainly glad I didn't tell her that as she would have probably given me a clout round the head. At least her dog found the fence interesting - particularly the post I was painting. :-)


kd said...

hahaha great background story! I hope the fence didn't smell too bad after the dog has passed by =p

Munin said...

Hehe... no wonder the fence is so rusty. :-)

Ayman Alagouza said...

its to me the most attractive speedy..although simple in appearance but it withdrew my attention, great stuff u r one of my favorite artists !!! love ur work, hope u like mine :)