Thursday, 6 March 2008


I have found it hard to pick up a pencil (to say nothing of a sketchbook) today, when most of my time has been spent stroking my monitor screen and fiddling with my latest music software purchase. Maybe in the future I can combine my two greatest loves (outside of people) and compose 'sketches' of sound for choice sketchbook pages - mini soundtracks for my scribblings. :-)

Of course, I will need to spend some time with my new toys to learn their workings inside out - until they become intuitive enough to work freely with - but the idea of combining sounds and images together makes me tingle, slightly.

Posting MP3's, alongside sketches that inspired them, may prove a problem becouse I am not exactly blog-savy, and a (average?) 4 meg per MP3 is a lot more than 500kb when it comes to upload/download time. I may have to venture into web-host territory. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Let's just say I may have to nibble a little harder for a while! o_O

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Xumca said...

Ooooo, sketches+music=:D!